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The IT Stuff Is Finally Explained In Human Language!

Easy to understand explanations with real-life examples accompanied by worksheets, mind maps, and slide handouts that you can print out and fill in so you can keep them on your desk for future reference.

Training Modules Include:

1. Complete Tech Recruitment Course Replays

Video replays of our popular "Three-week International Tech Recruitment Program" are available on demand right away. Get a recording of the proven, popular International Tech Recruitment Program organized every 2-3 months.

2. Mind Maps + Video Explainers

Get popular mind maps and watch accompanying videos explaining each of them so you get to understand.

3. Getting Started Mini-Course

Are you new to tech recruitment? Watch these videos to learn what mistakes to avoid & how to THRIVE!

4. Essential IT Terminology For Recruiters

Learn the common IT vocabulary and "speak tech" with IT hiring managers and candidates.

5. Analyzing IT Job Requirements & JDs

Learn how to "read between the lines" and derive some meaningful information from technical JDs.

6. Sourcing IT Candidates On LinkedIn

Learn how to search and find the right IT professionals on LinkedIn using complex Boolean strings.

7. Sourcing IT Candidates On GitHub

Learn how to SOURCE and ATTRACT software developers on GitHub.

8. IT Sourcing Tactics - Webinar Replays

Find IT professionals on LinkedIn like a Pro! Watch these Sourcing Webinars to learn step-by-step.

9. Screening IT Candidates With Confidence

Learn how to screen IT candidates like a Pro... even if you've never worked in IT before.

10. IT Talent Matching, Developer Psychology

Learn how to get IT professionals excited about opportunities & match them with the right vacancies.

11. Recruitment With Paid Ad on Social Media

Our recruitment method is exposed... with a detailed case study!

12. Recruitment on Social Media

Learn how to recruit IT professionals through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

13. Creating Compelling Job Pitches

IT candidates are overwhelmed with opportunities, so learn how to "cut through the noise" in Tech.

14. Submitting Candidates To Hiring Managers

Learn how to write powerful submission notes and "sell" candidates to IT hiring managers.

15. Recruiting Web Developers

Learn how to recruit Frontend, Backend, and Fullstack web developers, as well as WordPress specialists.

16. Recruiting IT Managers & CTOs

Learn how to recruit CTOs, CIOs, VP of Engineering, Product Managers, or a Head of Engineering.

17. Recruiting Data & BI Specialists

Learn how to recruit Data Engineers, Business Intelligence (BI) Analysts, and highly-demanded Data Scientists.

18. Recruiting Cloud & DevOps Specialists

Learn how to recruit DevOps Engineers, AWS / GCP / Azure Cloud Specialists, or SREs.

19. Recruiting IT Support Specialists

Learn how to recruit IT Support Specialists, Technical Helpdesk Specialists or similar support roles

20. Recruiting Designers

Learn how to recruit Product Designers, UX / UI / CX Designers, or Graphical Designers.

21. Recruiting Analysts & Architects

Learn how to recruit System, Business, or Data Analysts, and Software Architects

22. Recruiting Testing & QA Specialists

Learn how to recruit Testers, Test Automation Engineers, QA specialists, and manual testers.

23. Recruiting Mobile App Developers

Learn how to recruit iOS & Android native app developers, as well as hybrid cross-platform devs.

And special BONUSES, such as:

  • 57 Samples Of Interesting Job Posts On Facebook
  • 35 Samples Of Interesting Job Posts On LinkedIn
  • Canva Templates For Quick Job Promotions
  • Recruiter’s Boolean Search Keywords Generator
  • Case Study: Powerful Messaging On LinkedIn
  • Case Study: Getting Candidates On LinkedIn Using A New Secret Tactic

3. Meet Community Members

Get in touch with recruiters from around the world and build valuable business partnerships. This is a unique forum for IT recruitment practitioners where you can meet fellow IT recruiters and discuss your issues.

4. Explore Topics

Watch interviews with IT recruitment experts, listen to podcasts on Tech recruitment strategies, and read blog articles with hands-on tips & tricks.

5. Join Online Events

Sourcing Webinars will help you learn how to find qualified candidates. Bi-weekly member's Q&A will help you get any of your questions answered.

6. Join Bi-weekly Q&A Call

Join Engaging Real-time Group Training for IT Recruitment and review materials live with CTOs and senior IT recruiters to understand even the smallest details.

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Here's What Other Recruiters Said About This Academy

Testimonials from fellow HR specialists and recruiters who posted a review about the Academy, Program, or our Mind Maps on Trustpilot:

"And I especially love the mind maps, because I would just print them out and have them on my desk!" –Al Dallas, Recruiter, Canada

"I did benefit a lot from the course in the sense that my communication with the candidates and hiring managers have become more meaningful!" –Malay Kapoor, IT Recruiter, Canada

"I wanted to join a community of practitioners and professionals!" –Luisa Meneghetti, IT Recruiter, Switzerland

"It's just stunning, in eight days... where I was and where I am now, how you moved us forward!" –Richard Cowley, Recruitment Director, Thailand

"I had very little technical knowledge so with this course I was able to lay down a strong foundation. Michal is great because he's got the best from both worlds... It was an eye-opener!" –Maria Campanella, Tech Recruiter, Spain

"Since I'm talking to a lot of IT people, I often get lost in all the technology. My motivation was to get a deeper understanding of the technologies and be able to filter out the CV. The way Michal presented was catchy and engaging." –Jozef Laufer, Recruiter, Slovakia

"I really like the program, the materials. We started connecting with recruiters from the group. I'm very satisfied, you guys are doing a great job!" –Elena Smoykina, HR Director, Russia

"This is one hub where I can go through the materials, read everything, and it saved me a lot of time." Everything Michal is explaining is very clear and easy to digest." –Sansary, Recruiter, Singapore

"I've been in the IT industry for 20 years. ... It went perfectly, very well organized, and I like the mind maps a lot!" –Malay Kapoor, Recruiter, Canada

"It's been a great experience because all our questions were answered." –Rajesh Kinnera, Talent Acquisition Lead, India

"The knowledge that Michal has shared was very helpful but something even more powerful was the conversations we had." –Luna Nguyen, Organization Development Coordinator, Italy

"I love to watch your videos. In the world, there's no one like you who can teach us like you." –Abhishek, IT Recruiter, India

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